Sunday, March 18, 2012

Sunday Service

Another beautiful Sunday to come to church service and hear from God's Word....We had a good number in church this morning, but I did hear from several that I talked to that were either going back home up NORTH or were getting ready to leave in a week or so...We will be sorry to see them go as we will miss them over the summer, but we realize that the kids and grandkids are being missed by the folks down here and as they say "it's about time to move on and see the kids"....I can't say that I blame them as we are kind of missing ours also.....

The lesson today that Pastor Stacey brought out for us was a continuation of the Book of Jonah, chapter 2....Last week we studied that Jonah didn't listen to what God wanted him to do and was runing away from God to be swallowed by the whale.....Today Pastor Stacey taught that Jonah realized what he had done and cried out to God and was delivered out of the whale on dry land after much prayer and the sacrifice of the voice of thanksgiving....This is a great lesson that we can learn from.....When ever we fine ourselves in bad circumstances we should do just what Jonah did and pray for forgiveness and thanksgiving in our lives....A great study for sure......Remember to pray for those that are sick that you hear of and for the many that will be on the road in the coming days.....God Bless All....See you in church next week..

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