Monday, March 05, 2012

Sunday Service

It was just a little cool this morning outside, but the service at Magnolia was warning to the soul as Pastor Stacey gave the message to the people....Today was a continuation of the study of the Book of Malachi....Pastor Stacey stated again that we should always be willing to give our best to the Lord in everything we do....We had a great gathering of people for the lesson and as it was the first Sunday of the month, we also had Communion at the end of the service.....After the service , breakfast was available for all that wished to participate....At usual every thing was just great....The food and fellowship couldn't be better....Please remember to pray for our leaders and for any one of our brother or sisters in Christ as there is always need of some kind....God will heal our country if we but pray and ask for it.....God Bless All.....See you in church next week...

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