Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ropa Style and Talent Show -Part Two

Don Mueller is dressed for a cool day with his ropa shirt

Marty Tank is all buttoned up in this button decorated skirt and top

Shirley Benner found one festooned with buttons as well.

Chet Johnson a frequent ropa goer looks quite dapper in his treasures

Pat Hahn is ready for a beach party

Jerry Walker sings and plays for us

Kay Voss, another Ropa faithful looks as though she is ready for a cool day of searching

Edy Larson found this dressy outfit

Mary Pierce is matched up well with her skirt and top, ready for any occasion

Jan Brom-Stinchfield found this outfit that looks very sharp.

Nelson Zoet- our resident auctioneer- sang the auctioneer song for us and that is always a treat

Don Frizzell sang "White Lightning"

Edie Bauer came upon this very dressy outfit that works for any dressy occasion.

Shirley Wiese found her very sharp outfit at Ropa

Pat Hahn is dressed for a party in her ropa outfit.

Mamie is all business in her ropa treasure

Marty Tank does a Patsy Cline song. 

Eldon Hardekopf, a member of the South Texas Whiskey Band sang for us

as did Jay Kelly also a member of the same band

our park is loaded with talent

Norma Cooklin found this dress that looks super on her

Lavon Linn is dressed for a fancy party

Lavon had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction but all things being black(her panty hose) was barely noticed.

Julia Houzenga always looks decked out in her ropa finds

Whoo Hoo for Judy Lowary too

Loraine Graham, a brand new resident of our park got in on the fun.

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