Monday, March 19, 2012

From Ambrose & Lili

 It will soon be time to say  goodbye again to our Magnolia Park family .
   We wish them and everyone a great summer!!!
   We 'll be leaving on the 2nd or 3rd of April to get home by the 23rd.
   Last year, since 2003 ,it was the first time that we got home with so much snow. ( see pictures )
   Weather was nice until we reached the state of New York then cold temperatures rain and snow etc. spoiled our great trip.
    Here are a few pictures of our  trip back last year.
     Enjoy the pictures .
        God Bless  !     We love you !    Happy Easter !

      Camp fire at Jeff Busby state park on Natchez trace  ( Lili's favorite  ) 

 : Fire in the stove at home 22nd of April .   Guess which one I prefer . (as compared to #1 pict. )

   :Home sweet Home  and snow !  

     Home 23rd of April

 Our devastated tree house.

 Our tree house in summer ,it has a 7' x 11' deck (dancing area )

 Snowmobiling on 25 th  of April.

 Yes Elvis is back and alive ,I saw him on a roof  in  Nashville ( pictures don't lie )
The dates on the pictures are incorrect.

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