Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The End is Near

The end of the season is approaching as this week will be the final one of what is known as the season. Today is the last Coffee hour gathering in the big hall. I understand they meet in the Little Hall on Tuesdays for coffee hour but my obligation as President officially is tabled till fall come April 1st. We are usually leaving the park on April one but this year we will be staying a couple weeks longer as we were late getting here thus late leaving.
I received word from Lester and Helen's son Gavin that Lester is improving. That is good news. Gavin also told me he is one of the many offspring of Magnolia resident's who keep track of us here in Magnolia Park. I sometimes forget they are out there...watching... so it is reassuring to hear from them now and then. Do remember if you have news about any of the Magnolia Family let me know and I can post it here. Always glad to do so.

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