Friday, March 09, 2012

Busiest Week

This past week has to be the busiest week of the entire season and I am behind in getting our events posted. I would like to keep it in order so I do not miss any important events. So now that the pictures from the Ropa Style and Talent Show are posted I can tell you about the remainder of the week.
Monday was the last Association business meeting of the season and the one that holds the election:
The elected slate is as follows:
President- Barbara Brooker
Vice President- Larry Ergen
Secretary-Irma Johnson
Treasurer- Leroy Misfeldt
Board of directors: George Morgan
Arleen Beach  and one position that will be filled by appointment for the remainder of Larry Ergens' term.

After the business meeting the Crafting women were off to Mama's Garden Cottage for their annual luncheon.
Norma, Leslie and Kay

Eula and Charlotte

The next day was our annual Memorial service for the members who have passed away in the last year. I do not have the list in front of me so I will post them later. There were 10. If at any time through the year you hear of someone's passing please notify me and we will make note of it on this website.

Last night was the last night of mixed in-park pool league. I will give them their own posting...
to be continued...

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