Monday, January 30, 2012

This and that

Last week was a fun-packed one here in Magnolia Park. Dick and Leslie Cleaveland chaired the first Steak Fry extravaganza of the season and it was a delicious success. They had many helping hands to get it all done of course. And then a scant two days from that was the second breakfast in January. There were many helping hands putting that all together as well. The people of Magnolia Park are wonderful in stepping up when needed to get things done and it works so well to have the chores distributed amongst many willing hands.
On another note: A group of us met at Riverside in Mission TX to send off Rozetta and Dean Fiscus who have been residents the past two months and are headed for Arizona now. We hope they can come back again and have some more fun with us next year. Riverside is a restaurant-bar-dance hall on the Rio Grande river. They serve wonderful tenderloins there and we Iowans are always looking for a good pork tenderloin.
We all as couples share with our spouse as these are way too much for one person.

There was also a bit of excitement on the other side of the river (Mexico) while we were there. There were armed men in military clothing scanning the riverbank for something. We do not know what they were looking for exactly but the waitress told us they had made a big drug bust in the Riverside parking lot the previous evening. There were also helicoptors overhead. The drug cartels also dress in military clothing so there is no way to know who these people were but we have hopes that they were Mexican Government Military.
I think I was getting glared at. They do not want their picture taken for many reasons.

This is a shot of Chimney Park. It is a winter destination for many Winter Texans and Riverside is their neighbor.

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