Sunday, January 08, 2012

Sunday Service

Well today was a different service at Magnolia as Pastor Stacey was on a trip up to Iowa for some personal business and his wife Tina was in charge of the service....We were blessed with some music from the Magnolia choir The Choraleers ( I hope I spelled that right).....Also we had some more music provided by three ladies - Char Wolfrom, Barbara Howard, and Joan Kent....Tina gave a reading with responses from the congregation.....The reading and responses were on "The Beatitudes,   God's Love, and Christian Love.....We had just over 80 in attendance today....A nice crowd for sure.....Tina told me that she was a little nervous during the service , but she did a good job.....Pastor would be proud...He will be back next week I'm sure rearing to go, so be sure and attend the service if you can...See you in Church....Don't forget to pray if someone comes to mind as they may need God's help at that time.....

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