Sunday, January 01, 2012

Happy New Year!!!! 2012

It has been a busy week. The park has pretty much filled up. I imagine there will be a few more new faces in the next week or two and then before we know it the trend will go the other way.
On Friday we made another trip to Mexico. Our main purpose was lunch. Butch and I like the panchos at Garcia's above the Canada store but for some unknown reason they are closed. There is a sign on the door saying they will be open in a week.
 Problem being, I have no idea how long the sign has been there! So we decided on Elsa's who also put out a nice tasty plate of panchos and we were not disappointed. They were excellente! We made a few purchases and returned to the park. Here are a few photos of our trip to Progreso Nuevo MEX.

Butch and Peg pay the bill at Elsa's

Down the line a bit is the tortilla factory. It is a very busy place.

Caught Donn and Peggy unaware

How much would this one cost to bring into Texas? For those who do not know, the fees per bottle to bring alcohol back into Texas have skyrocketed from $1.25 per bottle a year ago to $3.75 per bottle this year. 

View is looking north into the USA from the Mexican side.

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