Friday, December 02, 2011

What I Heard...

I received an email from the Cleaveland's and Dick and Leslie will be arriving the middle of next week.

 Tom and Judy Hunt arrived from Canada yesterday. Judy was hoping to get in the hot tub but she was very disappointed when she found out it was incapacitated.

Donn and Peggy Gordon are en route and will arrive next weekend.

Tom and Dee Beadle are here. They skipped last year so it is nice to see them back.
Don and Estel Garrett are here also after a two year absence.
I most likely have missed some folks so if you know so and remind me I will make note of it too.

The park is filling up fast.

Last night was potluck and the menu is Turkey Surprise. Just like home after Thanksgiving. So bring your table service and a side dish or dessert at 5:00PM in Allen Hall.

Saturday is garage sale day so those of us who have signed up for a table will be getting our items marked and ready tomorrow.

The above statement gave me an OOOPs moment. I announced I would have computer class in the little hall and I am signed up for a garage sale table too. Time conflict!! I just asked Butch if he would man the garage sale table for me if I get the items marked. Do not remember hearing an answer but will assume it is "Yes."

"Happiness is that bit of time between having too little or too much."-anonymous

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