Thursday, December 29, 2011

Our morning walk

Our morning walk was a visit infested one. First of all Butch started up a conversation with someone near the dumpster that lasted awhile. I was waiting and chatted a few minutes with Dorothy Brandes. Further on down the road we encountered Larry and Noreen Ergen. Chris and Ron Pearce were in the back seat. The guys said if they had to endure a trip to Michaels there would also be a stop at Harbor Freight.

There was a gathering at the Vern Wendt residence trying to figure out a puzzle with his RV.

Then we went past Santa's place and found him a little deflated. Butch noted he was still able to give us a thumbs up.
I was in a hurry to return home as I was in the midst of cleaning but that didn't last long. (See post above)

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