Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas from Droopy

A mockingbird I have dubbed Droopy has been a resident of our park for quite some time. I have a picture of Droopy taken in 2008 and I am thinking he may have been here even longer than that. For the 2008 picture go to and look for the post a few days ago. Below are pictures taken today. Droopy stops by and chirps his little heart out to get our attention then Butch will go out with peanuts and feed him. Today being Christmas Butch is giving him a Christmas feast. I looked up the average lifespan of a Mockingbird and it is 8-9 years so if we and he are lucky we can enjoy his company for a few more years. He does have his longstanding wing injury so he never gets very far away.

Merry Christmas Droopy!!

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