Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Service

The day was just a little cool for deep south Texas, but bright with the sun shining to brighten the hearts of  all on the day of the Lord....

The study today was a continuation of the study from the book of Ephesians....Pastor Stacey taught from the 2nd Chapter with the theme of "Mercy and Grace of God"....This was a great lesson and study that we can learn from....Pastor brought out of the lesson that we aren't saved by works but by faith in
God...He taught that God has a plan for us if we will but study the Word of God and see just what God wants us to do in life....We need to listen and pray that God will show us just what he has planed for each of us...Remember to pray for the sick and any one that comes to mind....Sometimes a prayer is what God wants us to do at that time just to see if we are listening.....Think about that for a while...See you in Church next week.....

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