Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pool news and other stuff

In late summer our pool was vandalized and considerable damage was inflicted. So the pool has its share of troubles. Fixing it has been initiated but it is unclear as to how long this might take. This distresses quite a bunch of pool users as you might imagine. Dottie hated to have to tell us this sad news as she too knows how much it means to the Bobbers as I call them. We hope this can be resolved and soon.
People have been arriving in the park every day. Today I happened by Charlotte Nigh's place shortly after she arrived with her daughter and son-in-law. They had an interesting trip down in sort of a zigzag pattern. They stopped in Joplin to see the tornado damage, then to Oklahoma City to see the memorial there, stopped in Galveston where the hurricane damage is still evident and was also a return trip for Charlotte as she had been there years before. I am sure I have missed some of their stops but it struck me as an interesting and  "Disastrous" trip.
Late this afternoon our friends from Adel Iowa arrived for their first stay in the Rio Grande Valley. Rozetta and Dean Fiscus. Rozetta and I were classmates from elementary school on. It will be fun to introduce them to the valley and Magnolia Park. They are in lot 66 so stop by and say "hi". We have a mere two months to sell them on the idea of wintering in Texas. No sweat as we know how to do friendly!

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