Sunday, November 13, 2011

Magnolia on Sunday

This weather is just great this time of the year down here is deep south Texas and the folks up NORTH should come down and try some of it.....I know that the cold is starting to kind of get to some of them as a few are trickling in to join us....I see some new old faces each week when I get to church each week and that's great...

This day of learning of the Word of God given by Pastor Stacey was a great teaching on the children of God.....The lesson was taken from the Book of Ephesians , chapter one with the theme of "Gods plan for our Adoption".....Pastor told us some of his experiences as he knows first hand about adoption and just what it means.....It's a great feeling to know that we are picked and wanted instead of just happening to be there if you know what I mean....This was a great lesson that we can take hold of and take to heart for a better out look on life with the Lord.....Continue to pray for the sick and all those on the road coming down to join us in the valley for the new season.....See you in Church.....Spread  the love as much as you would like to recieve it.....Something to think about!!!!!!

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