Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Footes

Floyd and Eva have not been able to come down yet this season due to some health issues they need to get resolved first. It happens to us all. Floyd and Eva are well into their 90's so no one is very surprised when health issues pop up for them. Knowing how spunky they are I am sure they are still surprised and disconcerted. We still hope to see them a bit later this season.
Eva has remained active in park activities for the many years they have been coming here and I cannot begin to tell you how many that has been. But let's say a lot! I was asked to take some pictures of Eva's plaques in the pool hall so I did and then decided to share them on the blog. Eva has been the ladies pool champ or coming in  second in 14 different  years. It took several photos to get them all in so they could be seen. I certainly hope I haven't missed any.
This first one is an overview of all the plaques.

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