Sunday, October 16, 2011

house auction

Today we went to a house auction at Del Rapids SD.....It was a 14 bedroom , turn of the century home!!!

They allowed 5 or 6 people for a guided tour at a time, and we stood in a long line for over an hour waiting for our turn. The home was built in 2 sections; in 1901 and 1902...they had 21 children, 17 that lived. There were 10 hired men and ladies--they slept in 7 bedrooms on the 3rd floor. The family slept on 2nd floor.....they farmed 1700 acres with 60 horses! The hired ladies were a full time seamstress and 2 cooks! If those wall could talk---imagine the laughter in the home! Every Sunday after church, they opened up the parlors downstairs and invited all to come.....drinking lemonade out on the lawn, and children running everywhere!

The house was to be sold to move or sold to take it apart....lots of beautiful stairs and woodwork, wood floors, original wallpaper. Needless to say, we really enjoyed looking. Kay

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