Tuesday, October 04, 2011

canned potatoes

For those that have asked what I have canned lately---today it was potatoes! I tried something new to me; after looking at all those dusty potatoes that Jim brought in from the garden, I decided to try washing them in my top-loader automatic washer! Such fun and what a time saver! It sounded like I had tennis shoes in there, but I let the load of potatoes run the entire cycle including rinse. Such clean veggies......in a very short time. Then I tried out my new french fry machine that fits on the mixer. The result is 23 quarts ---- and they work as french fries do when deep fried---also can be chopped again as hash browns---or boiled and mashed! Ultra handy! Tomorrow I have 2 more big containers to do, perhaps will just chunk them and can as usual. Hope to see you all in another month, Kay
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