Sunday, April 03, 2011

Sunday at Magnolia Park

With all the people talking about leaving and heading up NORTH for the summer, I was sure surprised to see such a nice sized group of worshipers at church this morning...I didn't count them all but I would estimate 40 to 45 in attendance...It's great to see people eager to hear the Word of God being taught...The lesson this morning was a continuation of last weeks lesson from the Book of Romans, Chapter 12 with this weeks theme of "The Body of the Church"....We have learned that through the teaching of Gods Word that we as Christians are the body of the Church and we need to act as such....More scripture was given in the Book of 1st Corinthians, chapter 12, verse 12 to confirm the teaching..A great lesson with much to study........ At the end of the service communion was observed as it was the first service of the month...Also there was breakfast served for all that wished to participate...It was a great time of fellowship and joy...I forgot to add that Pastor Stacey sang a special song for the service which was enjoyed by all...Remember to continue to pray for all that are sick and those that are traveling....There are many of the Magnolia Family that are on the road that a guardian angle watching over them would be nice and appreciated...GOD BLESS ALL......

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