Sunday, April 10, 2011

Service at Magnolia

This morning we were going to start having services over at the little hall, but Pastor Stacey told us that Brother Allen that use to play the piano for us some months ago wanted to play for us this morning.....So we just picked up and moved to Allen Hall for services....It's a good thing we did because we had 34 in attendance and that would have rather filled the little hall....We will have services next week over in the little hall as more of the Magnolia Family will be heading NORTH this week for the summer....We were sure blessed with the music as brother Allen played for the song service and then played a special for us.....A great job and we told him that we missed his playing...... Pastor Stacey gave a great lesson again this morning with the continuation of the study of Romans Chapter 12 with the theme of " God's Will for Our Lives"....We need to understand that God has a plan for us and a path for us to follow if we but will obey the teaching of the Bible....And no one ever said that it would be easy to stand up and be counted so to speak.....Remember to continue to pray for all those on the road and those that are suffering with some kind of sickness or other....We need to care for one another when ever we can....

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