Sunday, March 13, 2011

Sunday at Magnolia

Today was the day of the time change for daylight savings time, but it didn't stop or slow down the people from getting to the church services at Magnolia...Some times there is some confusion because of the change but it didn't happen today that I know of...We had quite a nice group of worshipers today with a few guests as some of the families from up north were down for a spring break so to speak and visit for some nice weather for a change..

The lesson today that Pastor Stacey brought to us was from the Book of Luke , chapter 5, starting from verse 17....The theme of the lesson was "Your sins are forgiven" and told how Jesus was able to preach and heal the sick according to the faith of his followers....A great lesson for all to study on and learn from.....During the service several names of the Magnolia family were brought up as having some illnesses and some sickness....Prayers were given for all to be healed according to the Word of God.....Remember during the coming week when you think of someone or someone comes to mind, just say a prayer for them as it will mean much for that person and also for yourself.....GOD BLESS ALL.....

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