Sunday, March 27, 2011

Service at Magnolia

As the weather warms up and more of the Magnolia Family heads NORTH for the summer the attendance drops some what each week, but is still filling many seats in the hall for the Sunday service...I know that with each week more will be on the road so they will need prayer for their safe travel... The lesson this morning was a continuation of last week's teaching , taken from the Book of Romans, chapter 12 with the theme of "Renewing of our minds" that we may prove what is acceptable to the will of GOD for our lives....A great teaching with much to study and think about...It will take some time to go over the scriptures a couple of times to be able to grasp just what is taught....A great teaching for all... Remember to continue to pray for all that are sick and those that are in the hospital...Also for the ones that will have surgery in the coming weeks....Pray for all that come to mind as we need each other to pray for us when we are in need.....GOD BLESS ALL...

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