Sunday, February 06, 2011

Sunday Breakfast at Magnolia

We sure had a nice group for Sunday Services today at Magnolia...There was just a little over 100 in attendance for the service...It was sure nice to see so many attend and hear the word of God being taught...The lesson today came from the Book of John, Chapter 17 starting from verse 1 with the theme of "I pray for them"...A great lesson teaching just how Jesus prayed to Father God for his disciples...It will give new understanding to all that study and dwell on the verses... It also being the first Sunday of the month, Communion was given at the end of services....Also after services , breakfast was served to all that wished to stay and participate...It was a great time to eat and fellowship with good friends and just catch up on each other....I managed to take a couple of pictures to publish on the blog...It was kind of hard to catch all so forgive me for the few that I just couldn't seem to get in...It was just a very nice crowd for sure...Don't forget to pray for any that you may think of, as we never know just when others may need it...GOD BLESS ALL......

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