Sunday, February 27, 2011

Service at Magnolia

Well it was beautiful day today and a great one to have Sunday service at Magnolia....It seemed that a steady stream of people were coming in the door to hear the Word of God being taught...We had just over 100 in attendance again today...Pastor Stacey had a great message today as usual teaching from the Book of James, Chapter 5, verses 19 and 20...The theme of the message was "Wanderers"....A lot of teaching and learning can be had in these few verses that can affect a great many for the word of God and his followers...We just need to further our understanding of the many things that God wants us as believers and followers of Christ to heed to and do...Study for yourselves when ever you can for the word is for all who are willing to learn...Continue to pray for all those that are sick and for solutions for all those that are troubled with some type of problems whether in sickness or financial needs...GOD BLESS ALL.....

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