Thursday, February 24, 2011

John Kent

John Kent passed away peacefully at the Aurora House Hospice Foundation on February 17th, 2011.
He was born June 23, 1926 in Freemont Michigan. He joined the army in 1944 as a member of  the 96th Deadeye Division. He was wounded in the battle of Okinawa in 1945. He was transported back to Battle Creek Michigan for recovery and spent 2 1/2 years getting mended. It was there he met his wife of 64 years, Joan Plummer Kent. They were married November 30th, 1946.
John retired as assistant fire chief for the Emmet Township Fire Dept. in Battle Creek, in 1976. John and Joan are well known in the Rio Grande Valley as well as the Midwest because of their devotion to country and gospel music. They performed in a band called Kountry Kousins both in Michigan and the Rio Grande Valley for over 30 years.
John and Joan have been a big part of Magnolia Park as well. Our Tuesday Jam has always been very popular in large part due to their influence. John will be sorely missed. Joan plans to stay on here in Magnolia Park. She says it is home. She will take occasional trips back to Michigan.
Our thoughts and prayers are with her and their family.

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