Friday, June 04, 2010

For the Magnolia Family

To all our "family" in Magnolia

- We were so touched by the number of cards, emails, phone calls and visits from our Magnolia friends that we received when we lost Grandpa... Such a testament to the caring people in our park.... We loved hearing from all of you and it helps in the healing process to know so many loved him and us.... We miss him so much but it was more heart-breaking to see him weak and in pain and frustrated because he was not improving.... His last good day he ran an errand for Dick picking up corn and delivering it to the field so Dick could finish up the planting.......exactly what he loved doing.... We found out later he was so dizzy he could hardly see but that was not important enough to stop him from helping out. ;-)

Our "energizer bunny" looked at peace at the funeral and that made us all feel better.

Thank you so much! Much love to you all.............Erma, Dick and Leslie

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