Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mother's Day Service

Well today was Mother's Day so I must wish all the mothers and grandmothers a HAPPY MOTHERS DAY....Just where would we all be without all the MOMS in the world...HA HA..

Today the service at Magnolia will be the last one held until this fall as so many are taking vacations at various times during the summer...We did have 13 in the service today so we are still making the little hall being use full...As it was Mothers Day Pastor Stacey used the occasion to teach on the theme of "The Power and Faithfulness of Mothers down through the Ages"...It was a great lesson and much to think about as we come to realize how much Mothers in the Bible have meant in the plan God has for mankind...We tend to take for granted the power and faithfulness of our mothers in our lives....God Bless the Moms and Grandmas in every one's lives....Continue to pray for all the Magnolia Family during this summer in their many travels....

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