Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Tom & Judy Hunt say...

Hi Everyone at our Magnolia Family;

Tom and I made it home on Sunday afternoon at 3:30 pm.  It was a good drive home, with lots to see and appreciate.  The wildflowers in Texas were gorgeous, wish I could have stopped to take pictures but the truck was in gear and the wheels turning. 

We didn't go to the Blue Ridge Parkway to ride motorcycles due to my knee, it was really sore and not conducive to safe riding.  We stopped in Nacogdoches, Jackson and then Findley for the nights on the road but the best stay of all was in our own bed on Sunday.

We are all unpacked and most of the laundry is done so have a minute to say hello.  Hope everyone is well and enjoying your warm weather down there.  We have a little rain today and lovely mild weather.  Apparently, winter here wasn't all that snowy but it was quite cold.  I do miss painting class, will get around to painting on my own shortly. 

Love to all

Judy and Tom Hunt

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