Sunday, April 04, 2010

Hvams-Home for Easter

 Left Texas at noon Good Friday and arrived home at 9:30 Saturday night. Our kids had the house cleaned, carpets shampooed,refrigerators and freezer well stocked, and all but oldest daughter was here for Easter dinner.  I had to laugh, they had clean sheets on, towels out for a bath and beds opened. They said they knew we would be really tired, especially their dad. Just like the Holiday Inn. They had a carrier for the pick up made for Weyland's new wheelchair so we could transport it wherever we go. We have the best children and grandchildren you could ask for in this world. There were 3 of them here to greet us and unload the pick up and they had everything put in it's place in no time.We had a safe trip with no problems. Today was a lazy family day that we enjoyed immensely with wonderful food and lots of visiting.
We hope you all had a wonderful Easter too. More later!
Weyland and Sharon

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