Saturday, April 03, 2010

From Judith Raglin

For those of you who do not know her, She and her husband Don were workkampers in the park and we were all glad they were. They did an excellent job and were fun to boot.

I am home at last...what a journey this has been....went in hospital March 12 for surgery...expected to go home next day...and 3 weeks later finally home!!!!   Complications from the anesthetic....and then some real problems developed...was transferred to a rehab on the 16th and finally got home on Thursday....with a little stop at the infectious diseases office for a pump....unfortunately ended up with an infection...but they are vigorously fighting it...and I am getting stronger everyday...walking again and will be back to full capacity soon...truth is...I have been ill for a very long time, just didn't know it...only knew I was "tired" all the time....this has been a blessing in that the problems have been identified and the solutions are on the way...thank you for your love, your prayers, cards....and most of all, the prayers for the doctors, nurses, techs and all others who were lifted up in spirit to heal me....I love you so much....God bless....Judith..
.p.s.  Don sends his love and gratitude...he has been so wonderful and is taking such good care of me....

A gratitude-heart
Is a heavenly miracle
That is visible
Here on earth.

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