Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Update

We were almost late for Church this morning...I just can't seem to get use to this day light saving time for some reason, but I'm sure there must be some more people in the same condition...HA HA

Well any way the service was just great as usual....The congregation was just a little smaller as a few more have departed to the NORTH for the summer,but those that were left were eager for the word to be taught...The theme for the lesson was "Gods Promise and Love for Us"...Pastor sure surprised us with some of the illustrations of his sermon...I didn't know that he played saxophone but he did a great job...He sure makes the Word come alive and teaches that God loves us all no matter what...Just what a loving Father does for his children...If you are able, come and join us in the Sunday Service any Sunday...As always continue to pray for the sick and those on the road for we all need prayer...It also keeps the Family together...

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