Monday, March 29, 2010

From the Spanglers

We just thought we would let you know that we are back home in Wisconsin. We left Magnolia a week ago today (Monday) and from there went to visit our son in Alamogordo, NM. We saw beautiful wild flowers for most of the way in Texas (something we had not seen in previous years), so all that rain we endured for a lot of the winter must have made for lots of flowers. We spent the night in a truck stop in Ft. Stockton and got to Alamogordo about lunch time on Tuesday.
We left Alamogordo last Friday morning and quite early in the day encountered horrible winds. We had planned to go as far as Yukon, OK but that didn't happen. We did manage to go as far as Elk City, OK and found a RV park where we spent the night, along with quite a few others heading the same direction we were. Friday night after listening to the weather we thought we might have to spend another whole day there. Sitting parked with the jacks down it felt as though we were going to blow over. That's how hard it was blowing. The highway (US 70) we were on was closed shortly after we went through Friday morning. On 54 in the El Paso area there was at least one tractor trailer blown over on its side. Very NASTY!
By Saturday morning it had calmed down somewhat so we thought we would give it a try. It again became very windy but it actually was nothing compared to Friday. There was light rain later on in the day but we got as far as Osceola, IA to Terrible's RV Park. We had stayed there before so knew the lay of the land but some poor fellow drove in the wrong way with a big class A. The road was blocked off, he couldn't back because he was towing a pickup, so he disconnected and his wife backed the truck up with her headlights directing him to see where to go. There are no lights in the park, all the big spots are in the front couple of rows which fill first, and it was very muddy. We left there yesterday morning (Sunday), again windy but nothing compared to Friday. We ran into a detour in Austin, MN which ended up being on VERY bumpy roads. I don't know who plans detours but we wouldn't have picked those roads to go on. They were dreadful for part of the way.
We were back in Neillsville about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. We finally have gotten the motorhome unloaded and cleaned out. It looks good but the house has become a disaster area as we have "stuff" sitting everywhere.
In Central Wisconsin the tulips are up but it is very dry. We hadn't realized that there has been no snow or rain since February. We had seen some patches of snow in Iowa but there isn't any here. The robins are back in full force. By the end of the week it is supposed to be in the 70s.
The most expensive fuel is right here in Neillsville. Diesel is $2.99 here and regular unleaded $2.89. Along the road most unleaded was around $2.69 and diesel ranged from $2.89 to $2.92. Quite different from last year that's for sure.
We enjoyed our winter in Texas but it is good to be back home.
Jim & Deon Spangler

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