Monday, March 22, 2010

From Earl & Sandy Truxton

Just a quick note for those I haven't sent notice too.  We are in Rockport TX at the Ancient oaks RV park.  have been here since March 1.  Has been cooler than last year at this time with plenty of Rain.  Have had a few wonderful days by the Pool, but not many.  This last week Earl had bronchitis that turned into pneumonia and so after 6 hr in the emergency room at Aransas Pass on Friday the 12th he was admitted and we are hoping he can get home tomorrow.  The reason they have kept him so long is because a sputum culture from Friday when he was in the ER showed Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection  (not good).  so when they got that test back they hit him with a stronger antibiotic, along with the breathing treatments he had been getting.  Wed he was really sick but since they changed his medicine he has slowly been getting better.  A lot of coughing to get the crap off his chest and not much rest has not helped him get well.  So I have been back and forth a lot as  it is only 12 miles to the hospital from our campground and not a bad drive.  Feels like he couldn't punch his way out of a paper bag.  So we have changed our plans of going over to FL and TN before heading for SD.  Will go back to Livingston TX Escapee park to spend Easter with dear friends there and probably stay a week or 2 and then over to a state park in LA we want to check out before a slow drive back to SD.  The Dr has said Earl probably has COPD  from all the years he smoked, even tho he quit when he was 48.  I'm doing good.  Am caught up on having my space.  Get's pretty quiet around here.  Hope this find everyone well and I'll keep in touch.  Love Sandy

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