Saturday, March 20, 2010

For Bird Watchers

It might be weeks in between running across great websites and then sometimes you run across several in one day. Enjoy the abundance.
Barb B
Link of the Day:
Andrew Zuckerman: Bird
"I cannot begin to tell you how awesome this site is. I think it
quantifies beyond words. But I can tell you how to navigate it, and see
for yourself how amazing it is!
Start by clicking the OK button at the bottom of the page, this will
take you into the site proper. The navigation menu consists of the
following categories:
Photographs – here you will find a listing of each individual bird that
was photographed for the book Bird. Not only can you see them
individually, you can hear them too! If there is a little speaker next
to the numbers for the individual photos click it to hear what that bird
sounds like. You can also click the words Bird Information and learn
about that bird specifically.
Films – I watched all the films here, and I would recommend that you
start with the film entitled Aviary, and then watch the rest of the
videos. I would start with Aviary because it explains how the photo
shoot came together, and how they achieved such glorious images.
Book – here you can look at the actual book, cover to cover. Use the
numbers along the top to navigate through the book’s pages.
Info – here you can find all sorts of information, including how to get
to Andrew Zuckerman’s site where you can see more of his work.
So what happens when Andrew Zuckerman visits the National Aviary? Pure
magic! Check out these amazing images today!"

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