Thursday, April 30, 2009

Thursday Night Feast

As promised we had a great feast this Thursday evening....The two Don's and their help did a great job providing the food again...I don't know how they can just do it every time...We had baked potatoes, barbecue pork for the potato or on a bun(how ever you wanted it), pea salad, watermelon, and all the trimmings that you could want for your baked potato...After the meal we had pie and ice cream for dessert....Boy o Boy was it all good...DON'T YOU WISH YOU WERE HERE FOR IT??...We did have 33 of the Magnolia Family here though and all had a great time and good food....I managed to take a few pictures of them so will put them on for all to see...I know that I may have not gotten one or two of them , but it is kind of hard in small quarters so I hope they will forgive me......The little hall was sure full and seemed to be happy about it....HA HA...More latter

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