Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park

Hi Folks ... Guess it's time that I get to work and start putting stuff on the Blog now that Barb and Butch have left the park.....Soooo here goesss....

We had another great meal this Easter Sunday at Magnolia Park prepared with Don Howard in charge....He had some great help that I won't name cause I would not get them all, and don't want to slite anyone...We had 89 people in attendance ( 89 where did they all come from???) to celebrate Easter Dinner.....Pastor Stacey and his family were guest at the meal as they are now part of the Magnolia Family as he is our Pastor on Sunday Mornings....We had another great service this morning with 59 in attendance....Not bad being so many have already gone up NORTH to their SUMMER HOMES...We have several people that are getting ready to leave this week so will have more on the road to pray for.....We all need to keep in touch as much as possible when we are apart so we know how our family is doing, so don't forget it....More later

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