Saturday, February 07, 2009

Friends visiting

We have friends visiting and that means we revisit all the old haunts we like to go to. This group is mostly Texans but somehow they have neglected what we think of as "The Perfect Place to Spend the Winter". They arrived on Wednesday and we went to eat at the El Dorado in Alamo. The service was borderline at best but the food made up for it.

On Thursday we went to South Padre and walked the beach with hopes of eating shrimp at Dirty Al's. Too,too busy so we ate at Pirates Landing in Port Isabel. Excellent as well.

We then stopped at the Atascosa Wildlife Refuge. Short of birds in my opinion but a few did show up for camera opportunities.

Yesterday we did the Ropa Usada experience. As most of you know you either love it or hate it but it was a hit this time and they plan to go again.
It is so sweet when your friends come to visit and like the same things you do.

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