Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Quiet Day

It is a quiet Sunday in the park. There have been a few people in the pool but for the most part I think people are out of the park enjoying other things. Generally it is quieter on weekends because the bulk of the activities take place on weekdays. Next Saturday will be lively because it is the monthly garage sale day. I clean out my "house" each fall in preparation for the December garage sale. Some people sell items every month but I find one time to be sufficient.(grin)
Usually I am busy with computer class on Friday morning but this next Friday will find me busy getting ready for the garage sale instead.
But about computer class... I learn as much or more as the students do each Friday. It refreshes my memory on things and often times sends me on a search for answers. Come to the little hall on Friday the 12th and see if you can stump me. It could happen!!

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