Sunday, November 02, 2008


I know there are some of you just itchin' to see some photos taken in the park. So what we have here is a tree blown by hurricane Dolly and now looks like a Dr. Seuss invention. And then we have what appears to be cat tails but I think not. I do not know what they are. And then we have Lucy at the November garage sale modeling a hat. She was trying to convince someone it was a good buy. Hey, it worked once!
Things I have noticed upon arrival.
1. Things look neat and clean.
2. We have new managers in the office. Don and Carol and I will try to get a picture soon. Courteous and helpful.
3. We have new workkampers. I have met a very friendly Marge so far.
4. I believe we have more walkers and bikers maintaining their health.
5. Traffic is light in November...always a pleasure.
6. H.E.B. has a new manager and I was super impressed with the store both in offerings and prices.
7. Weather is moderate. Daytimes in the 80's nights in the 60's and the 10 day forecast is more of the same.
8. The Executive golf course opens on Monday.
9. Gas prices down the street were $1.83 yesterday.
Keep checking. I will find more things to tell you for sure!

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