Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some pictures from the Storm

Sorry folks that I haven't gotten any pictures on the blog of the storm , but we were out of town on a mini vacation.. Just got back yesterday and took a few pictures to put on the blog..... There is a lot of small damage in the park to many trailers and didn't take pictures of most of them....If any one wants me to take pictures of their place or know if there was damage to it . just let me know by phone or E-mail and I will try to help you out...It is going to take a while just to clean up all the material that got blown around....And now that the rain has done it's job, the grass is growing like mad...From the looks of things and from hearing from the folks that stayed here it's a good thing we weren't here or you either.. HA HA....I know that some of the worse part was being without power for a period of time, it being so hot and all....Count your selves bless because you aren't here to work outside, cause the mosquitoes are out in force...Will try to write more later...

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