Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pictures of the Park

Well here is the last of the pictures that I am going to put on the blog of the storm... I have quite a few more but they are mostly of the same kind that I have already put on..... Most of the brush has been cleaned up and there is a huge pile of it across the road where they have been stacking it.....A lot of skirting and window awning were damaged or blown down or loose..... Some of the aluminum strips on the skirting were blown loose....I didn't put pictures of each of them as there were quite a few....I would say that all in all we came out better than some of the other parks... Some of them had mobile homes completely destroyed....There is nothing done here that a little time and a few dollars won't fix as good as it ever was......Thank God nobody was hurt or killed, so we can count our blessings....

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