Thursday, August 28, 2008

From Bernice Pratt and Phyllis N.

I just received this email from Phyllis (Neudorf(sp?)) and know she would appreciate our prayers:

Hi Bernice, I have been very sick and just got out of the hospital after a ten day stay. Jenny took me to the ER with severe chills and shaking and aching. At first their tests showed I had a urinary tract infection so they put me in a room and started IVs. Later in the night as more of the test results came in they found that what I had was blood sepsis, and it very nearly killed me. My kidneys began closing down and the infection spread all through my body. Lots of days a blur with one thing standing out in my mind. Every 12 hours they had to shoot some medicine right into my stomach. One morning the shot gave me a reaction and again I nearly died. Obviously I didn't, but I am still very sick and had to cancel all my volunteer work and just have bed rest until further notice. I got up and googled Blood Sepsis and I can see how sick I really was! Gotta go and lie down now. Would you pass this on to my friends please? Thanks. Love you, Phyllis

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