Monday, April 21, 2008

Thanks Kay!

We are still here in the Park...should leave for home on May 1st. Getting sparse around here. We did have 44 at the potato/BBQ supper the other night. I wondered where they all came from! Jays left yesterday, so Bill and us are it on this street.

I was wondering where the park web site went to??? For some reason I cannot seem to get it to come up. Gads, another problem with this computer. I thought I would check and see if we were missing anything!! hahaha

The junk yard next door is getting cleaned up and a big "For Sale" sign is in front of it.

The weather is the same, warm to hot. We did have about 3 nights when it cooled off, great for sleeping! 58 in the AM---we about froze!!! hahaha You can see we are not conditioned to Mn weather anymore.

Clyde and Barb are getting out more, he goes to get togethers....they both look better than they did this winter. He used his walker to come to the potato supper, so that is an improvement!

Well, no more news that I know of, so will close for now. Stay well, Kay

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