Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Walkin',yes indeed

We are walking twice a day, a little over a mile each time. I am feeling the benefits of doing so. It is also an easy way to be nosy about what is happening in the park.
Don and Judith Raglin who were workampers 2 years ago are back this year. They have both had some health issues taken care of but are doing fine now.

There are several older mobiles leaving the park for one in Mission. It is a new park over there and they are recruiting units from other parks. Ours has some empty spaces now and some pretty nice locations if you have a hankering to bring in a new one.

Shuffleboard starts tomorrow at nine. It will be the first time on the newly surfaced courts.

The forecast is for a cold front to come through. The high tomorrow is projected to be 74 degrees. Sounds good for a change. We will be able to turn the AC off tonight.

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